Special Helper Needed for WAMC Fairy Book Project

Special Helper Needed for WAMC Fairy Book Project

Each session the Warwick Area Migrant Committee tries to have the children in our After School Homework Club program work on a group project together. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us and changed how we go about this educational enrichment activity we have had much success in continuing to get the students involved in these activities.

This Winter and Spring Sessions, the children have been working on a “Fairy Book” project. The plan was to have the students work together to write a book about fairies and other story book types of magical characters or those of their own imaginations. The children did complete their work on this project. Artist Barbara Lanza has been working with Kathy Brieger on the children’s book that features eight of the students of the Dulce Esperanza program. The children’s images were used in the illustrations done by Barbara. The text of the book was written by Kathy Brieger. It will be printed in English and Spanish. We have compiled that work and are ready to make the final “Fairy Book” available. In order to make the final stages of setting up the “Fairy Book” for publication happen, we will need some volunteer help from a tech savvy volunteer– that’s where someone reading this right now comes into making this book happen for the kids.

We need someone who is able to use “Kindledirect Publishing” to prepare the WAMC children’s “Fairy Book” for the AMAZON website. Please contact Kathy Brieger (WAMC Executive Director) directly via phone at (845) 258-1560 if you are interested in helping the children to make this project happen and get their book published on the Internet as  Kindle e-book. The volunteer work will be done as a consultant and work will be considered donated time for tax purposes (consult your tax professional about this piece). We look forward to making this wonderful book authoring project come to completion so that the children’s hard work can be shared with everyone around the world.

We are so very proud of how much effort they put into this project and look forward to making it a published reality in the coming months. Once that happens we will share this with you so you can see the final product. The final product should be done in April 2021 if all goes as planned and we get our volunteer soon.