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Safety Backpack Project Launched for Warwick Area Farmworkers

The Warwick Area Farmworker Organization has launched a campaign to provide safety backpacks to the area farmworkers called the “WAFO Safety Backpack Program”. As the harvest season begins, many of the area farmworkers use rural area highways as they walk or ride their bikes to the fields. There are no shoulders and limited lighting on the roads in the Black Dirt region that as led to accidents or dangerous conditions for walkers. This is especially difficult in the growing season when farmworkers are arriving and leaving the fields in the dark.

The backpacks are bright orange and can be worn while walking, riding a bike or working in the fields, making them more visible. The contents of the bag will also relate to safety for people employed in farm work. Safety goggles will be included as they protect eyes during pruning of fruit trees and when wind makes black dirt particles airborne on the fields. Other items will include hand sanitizer, masks, and work gloves.

You donation covers the cost of one backpack along with the contents described above for each donated amount of $20.