The WAMC Gratitude Project

The WAMC Gratitude Project

Dear Friends of the Warwick Area Migrant Committee,

The expression of gratitude seems like a natural human response. While it does not take much effort, it yields a tremendous gift to both the person expressing it and those receiving it. Living in these times has made us more aware of the gifts of family, friends and community– making us feel more grateful. At no time before have I been more grateful to those of you supporting the families we serve.

I have also witnessed the gratitude in the expressions of the families we (the WAMC) serve. I have been contacted by many of the supporters of our work asking about how the farm worker families are doing. When we go out each week to deliver food, we hear their stories and expressions of gratitude.

I thought that we could all learn something from them. So we have started a Gratitude Project that will be shared with you during the upcoming weeks. Families were asked to write about something that they feel grateful for as a result of this current environment we find ourselves in. These are unedited submissions done in both English and Spanish. The names of the families have been removed for their privacy.

Thank Your For Your Continued Support,

Katherine Brieger

WAMC Executive Director


The WAMC Gratitude Project

The letter above reads: During this period of COVID-19, we are grateful that we can spend more time with the family. We are spending more time with our children, at home, chatting, playing, sharing moments together and loving each other more and understanding each other more. We have learned to value life more, to enjoy every moment of every day that God has offered us and to value the food that God has given us every day to bring to the table. Also, we have learned to modify our cleaning habits to be more organized and also, to be grateful to all the people who spend their time, risking their health and distributing and bringing food to all families. For all this, thank you and God bless you forever. Sincerely, the Vazquez Gamez Family Miguel, Linda, William, Michael, John Paul