Summer Enrichment Program Starts Thanks To Donor Support

The Warwick Area Farmworker Organization Dulce Esperanza Summer Enrichment Program was launched this week and we were able to do this in part due to several significant donations. We are very grateful to the continued support of all of our donors and the funding from these important benefactors. Without this support, our Summer Enrichment Program would not be possible!

Those who have given the most financial support over a period of time for a specific WAFO program or initiative are recognized by the WAFO as “Benefactors” of the specific program or initiative. We would like to recognize four donors who have contributed at the Benefactor donor level to the Summer Enrichment Program for 2021.

Our 2021 Summer Enrichment Program Benefactors are:

Glenn P. Dickes and Susan D. Dickes

Orthmann Family

Sisters of the Divine Compassion

Joseph Maggio and Kathy Brieger

On behalf of all the children, parents, volunteers, and staff in our Dulce Esperanza Program we would like to thank these generous Benefactors for their support. We appreciate greatly your compassion and selfless giving that will result in our students being able to get the educational enrichment they need this summer!

As always we are grateful to all who support our programs and thank you for your generosity as well. If you would like to support programs like these please consider making a donation online here to our programs.