WAMC Unable to Accept Donation Offers of Goods & Furniture

The WAMC cannot accept certain donations due to space limits.

The Warwick Area Migrant Committee has received several generous offers from donors to provide used furniture, clothing, household items, and other durable home goods over the last several months. We do not unfortunately have the room to store such donations or the ability to get those types of donations to our program participants. As such, while we greatly appreciate the offer of charity, we cannot accept such donations.

We do continue to take monetary donations that allows us to fund our programs and provide needed food to our program participants. This is the best way to support our organization as it both does not take up significant space and allows us to get what is needed to who needs it within the program. Donations can be made online here.

Thank you again to all who have offered to donate other items. We do appreciate you thinking of our organization, but we do have to decline such offers no matter how gracious they may be.