Vastu Health Donates Time To Teach Students PE Weekly

WAMC Summer Enrichment - Vastu Health Leads Weekly Yoga Lessons for Students

Vastu Health donates time each week to teach the WAMC Summer Enrichment Program students Physical Education lessons as part of the program’s Physical Education classes. The classes are lead by Aura and Eric of Vastu Health in Warwick, New York. This is Aura and Eric’s second year coming twice a week to practice yoga and Kai Chi Do with our students.

Vastu Health’s studio is located at 17 Main Street; Warwick, New York. It is on the second floor of the former Masonic Temple Building at the corner of West Street and Main Street in the Village of Warwick. Please check out their website here. Also, please like their Facebook page that can be found here. Aura and Eric are both wonderful people who selfishly donate their time to educate our students and teach them about the importance of physical well being! We are so grateful to them for their continued dedication of helping others in need. Namaste!