WAMC Holds End of The Year 2019 Kermes Fundraiser

A Kermes is a what a Catholic religious bazaar is called in Spanish. It’s usually a fund raiser held at the church where rides, games, music, dancing and food are available. The Warwick Area Migrant Committee held its Annual Kermes Fundraiser on Sunday; August 18, 2019. This annual event traditionally follows the end of the WAMC Summer Enrichment Program summer session and is a way for the parents of the children in the program to give back to the Program through volunteer support, as well as, donations. The parents do an amazing job of donating traditional Mexican and Hispanic foods, as well as, helping to man the various games available for the children. We are blessed to have so many kind and giving parents who are actively in involved in making this event a success. The event is publicized by word of month primarily and is very popular with the Hispanic migrant farm worker community throughout the Goshen and Warwick New York area though all are welcome to attend as this is an open community event.


This year’s WAMC Kermes Fundraiser was well attended and in years past there was a lot of great food to be had. We appreciate the support of HRH Healthcare and Archcare who both helped support the event. We also appreciate all the hard work put in by the parent of the Summer Enrichment students who so generously donated their time and food to the event. Finally, thank you so much for everyone who came out to the Kermes Fundraiser this year. We hope you all had so much fun and ate a lot of good food!