Using Art Therapy To Reinforce Positive Self Image

WAMC Summer Enrichment - Art Therapy Lesson Used to Promote Positive Self Imaging.

On July 19,2018 the WAMC Summer Enrichment Students had an Art Therapy session to build positive self esteem and self image by expressing “who they are’ in words and images by building an “I am” collage. Teaching children through Art Therapy about positive self image is a crucial part of building self confidence in children, as well as, enabling them to realize their full learning potential. This collage lesson was an example of how Graphic Art can be used to make students aware of the many the positive things they bring to the community and the larger world through their unique talents. This lesson was lead by WAMC volunteer Denise Kunisch who is making an impact, strengthening community, and sharing expertise with the next generation of leaders and community members through Art Education. Thank you Mrs. Kunisch for all your help, your good heart, and making a difference in the lives of all these children. We feel so lucky to have you at our program this year.