WAFO Dulce Esperanza Program Returns to a New Normal

The Warwick Area Farmworker Organization Dulce Esperanza Summer Enrichment Program continued this past week in what we all have come to accept as a “new normal”. A big portion of the program involves keeping the students in the program physically fit through recess and physical education activities. The Program has the benefit of taking place on the beautiful grounds of the Pine Island Elementary School building in Pine Island, NY. Once again, the Warwick Valley Central School District worked in partnership with us to hold the Summer Enrichment program at its Pine Island School facility. We are grateful for this continued partnership and thank the WVCSD for its continued support of our program.

The children really enjoy playing outside whether it be on the playground equipment, games and activities, sports, or just good old fashioned water gun “fights” to help keep them cool during the hot summer days.

Our program also continues to benefit from our many volunteers who bring their professional skills in education to the program allowing the students to experience a multifaceted educational experience including Language Arts, Literacy, Science, History, and Math. The children also get to work on arts and crafts projects, as well as, experience a number of “special events” hosted by guest speakers and volunteers who setup activities specific to their background. Past examples of this were music lessons, culinary skills, and outdoor hands on agricultural education in our community garden.

We continue to be able to operate successfully using best practices and adherence to CDC and state guidelines for operating safely. In doing so, we are still able to give the children a social environment that is safe, but also fosters interpersonal development and social skills. It is great to see the children be able to play together again in person and after such a long time apart be able to interact in person with each other albeit under these new guidelines that helps ensure safety.

If you would like to support our program you can donate online here. Thank you to everyone who has donated thus far. We appreciate your continued support!